UPDATED 04-15-13 would like to recognize and thank the following people
for their wonderful research and information:

Anne Christine Tooley, the creator of, is responsible for the research and development of the Sharps, Endocrine/Spine Set, Brainwave Tuners, Colorpunture Basic & Soul-Spirit, Colorpuncture UV & IR, and all the Kabbalah forks: Tree of Life, Archangels, 3 Veils, 3 Pillars, 4 Worlds, YHVH, Adam Qadmon, I AM THAT I AM,

The information for the Mineral Nutrients and Human Organ Set come from the wonderful work of Barbara Hero. Thank you Barbara!

The important research gathered for the DNA Nucleotide frequencies comes from the site of Susan Alexjander. Thank you Susan!

Most of the information for the OM Fork, Chakra Set and Cosmic Octave Planetary Set comes from the research of Hans Cousto. Thank you Hans!

Much of the information about the Biosonic tuning forks, which are the Whole Body Tuners, Harmonic Spectrum Set, Angel Tuners, Crystal Tuners, Otto and OM Forks, comes from John Beaulieu. Many thanks for his wonderful work!

Thanks to Randy Masters for his inspiring work in the field of sound, science and cosmology, and his frequencies for the higher Solfeggio Frequencies. Thank you Randy!

Research into the Solfeggio tones come from Dr. Joseph Puleo and Leonard G. Horowitz. Their website is Thank you Dr. Puleo & Len Horowitz!

And finally thank you to Acutonics for their wonderful research and for showing us the unique ways to use the OM forks in their various octaves.