The Cosmic Octave

The Cosmic Octave was developed by Hans Cousto, a Swiss mathematician and musicologist. In 1978, he re-discovered a basic system of measurement in which it is possible to transpose the movements of the planets into audible rhythms, musical tones and color. It is the universal harmonic relationships between all things based on sacred geometry from music, astronomy, meteorology, and microbiology. This so called "Third Measure", an ancient, secret key of measure, was the focus of the book "The Secrets of Chartre Cathedral", by Louis Charpentier, where he sought after the existence of a relationship between the forces governing spacial proportion and those underlying the division of time, the mysterious unit of measure on which the proportions of the Giza pyramid and Solomons Temple were based. These forks have incredible potential for healing our relationship with the Earth as well as healing Earth in its relationship to the other planets in our solar system and to all life here on Earth. They are very beneficial to tone at sacred sites and key Earth acupuncture points. Read more at Hans Cousto's website.

Book The Cosmic Octave: Origin of Harmony by Hans Cousto